I’m Nikki

And I’m Your Girl For Everything Web Design

Starting a new business or side hustle? Need a logo and biz cards?

I’m here to help you.

Let’s take you from a fly-by-night social media maven to a memorable, credible brand.


So you woke up today and looked in the mirror.

And you said to yourself: “Today is the day. I’m going to take this seriously. I’m going to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Just one problem. You don’t really know where to start. Or how.

It’s OK. I’ve been there. Every successful GirlBoss has been there. Sure, you know you have to come up with a name, get a logo designed, set up social media profiles and so on.

Then there’s this thing called branding that you KNOW is important, but you’re not quite sure what it’s all about.

And you also need a website, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in one. You’re not even sure if you really need one because you’re doing just fine on Instagram. Plus maybe you have all the business you can handle right now because you’re still working full time, juggling a family…

If you’re a FEMPRENEUR who needs a new website…

You’re in the right place.

Get found online by your ideal clients or customers.

So you can get the credibility and attention you deserve.

Because you’re hustlin’ so hard to carve out a little niche for yourself … but not being on the great big world of websites (and everybody’s got one these days!) is like starting this biz and only telling your inner circle.

And PS: You don’t have to break your bank. I swear.

I launched Nikki Gouthro Creative as a heartfelt service for all the hardworking BossBabes out there struggling to be seen and heard.

So why me?

Well, the truth is – you’re gonna love me.

Plus … I have a background in writing, copyediting and project management. Not to mention my obsession with design.

Pride + Joy

My Boo

She’s a five-year-old firecracker. A force to be reckoned with. Shockingly extroverted and as smart as a whip. She’s bored with kindergarten, wants to be a doctor who works at McDonalds and drives a multi-colour “tasky” (AKA: a taxi). The girl’s got goals.

My Hubs

We met in 2011 when his brother was my roommate. On a cold January night, Andrew invited his brother to a hockey game. Turns out his bro already had tickets, so he suggested extending the invite to me. We are living proof that opposites attract – he’s an ESTP, I’m an INFJ. He likes sports and BBQ, I like books and wine. But it works!

My Furbabe

I’ve always had a tendency to become a crazy cat lady. Not that I don’t like dogs, I just always had cats growing up. Tinkerbell was my first. Jua (AKA JuJu Bean) has been my bestie for almost 15 years now. We’ve been together since I was living the footloose and fancy-free life. Those were the days.


It was a goal I never imagined I’d actually achieve. And then I did. As I took the first step onto that stage, my top lip quivered with nerves and I was blinded by the lights. Which was likely why I tripped. Yes, I tripped onto the stage. I wanted to run right back off, grab my bag of soggy asparagus and sweet potato and spend the afternoon at McDonald’s. But alas – I powered through with a shaky smile and sore ankle.


For the last 16 years, I have been a freelance copyeditor and creative writer. My love affair with storytelling began in elementary school when I penned a sweeping fantasy called “A Day in the Life of a Cat.” It was based on my kitty Muffin’s lifestyle, with a dash of the supernatural thrown in for good measure. It won first place in my school and would have brought even the most senior of writers to their knees.


In my 40+ years on this earth, I’ve only “skipped” Halloween once and it broke my heart! I just love everything spooky and dark and dressing up … and the candy, of course.

Now that I have a little, I get to dress up and Trick or Treat again. Just like I did in the ‘80s. Whoop whoop!

Nikki went above and beyond to make sure everything was done on time and with no ends left untied. We went from a drab, outdated website to a new engaging site that she designed for us. I think she is a creative gem and a godsend for female entrepreneurs. She is savvy, creative and (above all else) I fully recommend her for copywriting and website design.

Jennifer Durdle

Owner, Bonavista Vacation Homes

Nikki not only designed a beautiful logo and website for my salon and spa, but she set up the online booking function which saves us so much time, grew our e-marketing list to more than 1,100 subscribers who we regularly send promos to and helped us to market much more effectively. I HIGHLY recommend her! She’s a life changer for business.

Tanya Layton

Owner, Wabi Sabi Hair + Body